W'r out phishin'

This test run of research project Tools for Things and Ideas doesn’t show finished projects. As the title of the research project suggests, we show experiments and tools for possible projects instead. We chose the title W’re out Phishin’ because 3D printing and scanning is a strange beast. Intervening in the 3D creation process isn’t easy. It brings a myriad technical difficulties. While attempting to introduce 3D printing and scanning into the creative process in a meaningful way, we found out that our working method closely resembled ‘fishing’ for possibilities to bend the design intent of machines and software into a more open and unspecified one. When considering machines and software as a collection of components, its use becomes more open and artistic outcomes are possible. We prefer ‘phishin’ over ‘fishing’ because it signifies a kind of social engineering attack that is often used to steal user data. We’re not intending to steal anything, but are misleading and harassing the standardised ways 3D technology is used.

W’re out Phishin’ shows a collection of artists, biologists and makers who invest in enriching the public domain with research and development of 3D technology and media. We will finish this research project in 2021 with an exhibition showing all projects, tools and ideas.

With: JODI, Julien Maire, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Elias Heuninck, Pepa Ivanova, Jerry Galle, Peter Beyls, Lisette De Greeuw, María Boto Ordoñez

The research project Tools for Things and Ideas is financed by the research fund ‘Onderzoeksfonds Kunsten’ of HOGENT.

Peter Beyls

Pepa Ivanova - Evolution game

Lisette Dr Greeuw - Notationlanguage_01 & Notationlanguage_02

Elias Heuninck - In need for some Taco’s

Jerry Galle - AI Object recognition - Infrathin

JODI - 213d.org

Julien Maire - High voltage photography

Written on December 20, 2019